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Riot police used tear gas Wednesday to block hundreds of Venezuelans protesting the latest moves by President Hugo Chavez to concentrate his power. The demonstrators said a blacklist of opposition candidates and a series of socialist decrees are destroying what’s left of their democracy.

Though the protest of about 1,000 people chanting “freedom!” was small compared to past marches, there is a growing public outcry over the sidelining of key government opponents ahead of state and local elections in November.

Chavez opponents also are outraged by 26 laws the president just decreed, some of them mirroring the socialist measures voters rejected in a December referendum.

“We said in the referendum that we didn’t want that, and now he’s put it in the decrees,” said protester Josefina Bravo, a 59-year-old who wore a sticker reading “No means no” on her baseball cap. “That’s the problem we have: All the powers are concentrated in the president.”

Chavez seems like he wants attention again.
Looks like after his stinging defeat last year he is coming back for more, only this time he doesn’t have to worry about defeat. He makes the rules.

This is the problem people fail to grasp with Socialist parties and their agendas. Its not what YOU the people think is right, its what the GOVT thinks is right for YOU. Its the same idealistic, mommy govt that is being pushed in this country only lots more subtle.

The movements in NYC to remove trans fat, because well, you don’t know any better.
The movements in LA to stop any fast food restaurants from operating, because you don’t know better. The proposals being highlighted by Obama for things to ‘change’ this country, because you don’t know better.


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