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What a shocker….

Pro-Taliban militant killed in Pakistan

LAHORE, Pakistan (CNN) — Pakistani security forces killed a pro-Taliban militant leader in an early morning raid near the Afghan border, a Pakistani Interior Ministry official said.

According to the official, Abdullahah Mehsud blew himself up after Pakistani forces surrounded him in a house in the Baluchistan province city of Zhob. Three other militants were arrested during the same raid.

Mehsud was held by the U.S. military at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but was released in 2004. Later that same year, he was involved in the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers working in South Waziristan, also along the Afghan border. — From CNN’s Syed Mohsin Naqvi (Posted 4:50 a.m.)

Do you know where I found this. Buried DEEP in the CNN website.
Then Over on Washington POst

NOT Surprisingly NO ONE in the mainstream media is talking about this. Where are the daily questions about torture now? About those poor detainees and how they are their and did nothing wrong. Booo Hooo…


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