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AP * Report: X-Rays Don’t Detect Explosives *

The report goes on to say how little is needed to make an explosion in an airplane.
And that its almost impossible to find traces of the explosive.
I dont know maybe Osama and his pals don’t read the AP, or other news outlets.

Is it just me or does it constantly seem like the Liberal News media is constantly undermining our every effort to stop terrorist attacks as well as conducting the search for acts prior to an occurence.


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WTC Movie…

I saw this last night.
I must say that it was well done.
It didn’t have the Oliver Stone Twist that I was expecting.
Much like the rest of his movies have had when they deal with real historical events.
There were a few touches conspiracy theories but nothing that really hurt the movie.
I think and my wife brought this up, that the one part that took away from the movie a bit was the amount of “known” actors in the movie.
I laughed a few times, there was some humor in it.
And I teared up a bit 3 times. I wont lie.
And I Hardly NEVER cry in a Movie.
I teared up in Crash with the little girl. Other then that I just don’t tear.

I was and probably still am one of those people that say its too soon.
But I think people still need a reminder of what happened that day.
I was in the City when that happened. And never in my life had I seen NEW YORKERS or just PEOPLE in general be soooo somber, so respectful, and never had I seen the city where even the taxi drivers didn’t want to honk their horns in the months after 9/11.

I want that to continue throughout our country.
Too bad we just don’t see that kind of camaraderie in the city anymore or in our country. A togetherness against one common enemy. Instead we focus on our president, and come up with stupid conspiracy theories of all sorts to somehow put more weight on some maniacs side because we cant come to grips with the reality that it was SOOO EASY to attack us because we as a NATION are not together. We bicker left and right wing crap and don’t focus on what we should be focusing on. And that is the survival of our nation.

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I reserve the special call for the death of another man in only few occasions.

Axe Murderers or Serial Killers like

If you dont know about him click here
I like to call him and others like him Suspect Zero’s like the movie

AND for

Child Molestors like John Couey

or should I say Child Predators.

If you dont know about him you have been living under a rock but here

But today my call for the Rot in Hell you evil bastard goes out to the only “for now” living Dictator in the Americas

I would Assume you know about him. If not you better start reading a book or something.
For more information on this prick go here

Yes you evil fuck I hope you die a painful death.

In Miami they were dancing in the streets.
According to reports they were even DANCING in the HOMES in Cuba.

While I am not Cuban I know of the horrors that this man has brought about to the Cuban people all under the gise of “revolution”. Had it been in the Domincan Republic that this was happening like with Trujillo I am sure my Latino Brothers and Sisters from Cuba would stand with me.

What does this all mean?

One small step for Democracy in Cuba
One Giant Leap for Cubans everywhere.

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