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I just found this too funny and just had to comment on it.
After years of Civil Rights Violations, aggression torwards his own people, repression and acting as a thug and abusing his power Castro and his goons have the cojones to actually sentence someone for “abuse of power”

You have got to be kidding me!

Read Here: Cuban Official gets 12-year Prison Term


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Ingles por favor

Well as if the debate about what to do with the Illegal Immigration population or as I like to say, Pre-Citizens (thanks Pat Campbel) couldn’t take another turn. Here comes the English is a must crowd.
I have got to admit I am right there with them.
I am a Hispanic American. I however was not born here.
Sure I have an advantage over some that have come here with how young I arrived to the land of milk and honey but that shouldnt be an excuse for anyone NOT to learn the language.
Take for example when you go to say your local Chinese Restaurant. Do you need to order your General TSO’s Chicken with Porkfried rice in Mandarin? OF COURSE NOT. There people come here learn the language and sell their food.

Sure behind the counter they talk to each other in Mandarin but that doesnt remove the fact that they have someone there that learned English after not knowing a LICK of it back home.

One thing I will stand by is that you dont HAVE to know english perfectly to be successful in this country. Of course you will only reach a certain level however it should be mandetory for anyone that wants to be a citizen to at least speak SOME ENGLISH. I say this because my dear mother whom I love very very much doesnt know much english much. She can understand it very very well, she doesnt speak it very well but that is partly to her own fault because she hasnt ever worked somewhere where she needed to know english.

She has been here for well over 25 years and doesnt speak it very well. She can say some things but isnt perfect at it by no stretch. However she has been very successful in america, opening her own business and such. Of course there is only ohh so high on the social ladder she can reach because she cant read or speak english properly shes done most of what she has done through sheer determination and will. I applaud my mom for that. She is my rock.

Then on the flip side my father has learned english pretty well, can read it write it fairly well etc but of course with an accent. He learned it because he wanted to, because he didnt want to be stuck as a busboy in a restaurant forever or drive a cab and only know addresses in english. He is my other Rock. The man is my inspiration to what a real man is to be for a family.

Again I am a proponent of having it as a necessity to LEARN the english language if you are in america. Not perfectly but enough. Take some classes, practice it at home, something. I mean to be here 20-30 years and never speak it even a little is CRAZY. So what you always worked in an area where you only spoke your native toungue. LEARN ENGLISH.

I think it bothers me mostly because I see it as an insult. Its annoying to always having my culture being dumbed down to cater to us. I mean why the hell do we have to press 2 for spanish. How about saying everything just in english. The custom catering that is being done in businesses and in govt agencies is ridiculous. Its as if to say you guys that come from latin america just arent smart enough to learn english so we will just say it in spanish so we can get your money.

I cant be the only Hispanic that thinks this way.

Lets look at it this way. If you are going to just cater and want to make things “easier” for anyone then why not go the next step. Have 3 for French, 4 for German, 5 for Mandarin, 6 for Japanese, etc etc etc. Heck go the next step, have all your govt forms in every language on the planet, from Sweedish to Hebrew from Turkish to African dialects. Why not.

Dont stop there we need to make all signs on addresses translated, stop signs, yeild signs, right turn only signs, next exit 50 miles signs. While your at it make sure you convert miles to Kilometers and Gallons to Litters. I mean we need to make sure we cater to everyone right? Gotta make everyone comfortable. GEEEET THE HELL OUTA HERE!

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Ok so its been a while since I posted.
No big deal, I’ll start making my opinions more known on here then on web boards.
Hopefully someday I’ll get as large as a Michelle Malkin or Bablu blogs.
Till then my humble beginings will be here.

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