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Here we are more then 6 months after Katrina and something “SHOCKING” happens to come back into the media. Its funny how everything is so blown out of preportion. I was reading all this in the news today and came to the conclusion that if anything this video does show how the Admin was actually working on this and not just sitting back doing nothing about it. Actually being pro-active. Unlike how the media and liberals want to spin the events.

People seem to forget again and again and again that the levee systems didnt fail the day of the hurricane. In fact they failed in the afternoon the following day. There are pictures that do great at actually following the events from day 1 till day 5.

Below is the link:

Katrina Pictures

Also everyone in the liberal media and every damn liberal on the planet wants to point the finger only at this president. As though he is at fault for everything that has occured during Katrina.

And somehow everyone still thinks that it was cause the people in the area were black. GIVE ME A BREAK! There were videos on National Geographics of Coast Guard Helicopters being lowered down to roofs of peoples homes to save the people only to have to sit there for 15 minutes or more to plead with the people to let them get saved! OMFG!

Everyone seems to forget documents like this that somehow magically have disapeared from the New Orleans government website. Luckily I saved it anticipating it to magically disapear once Nagin got his Tech guys back into the city for damage control.

Hurricane Evacuation Plans

Its a PDF that details EXACTLY what the City of New Orleans should have been doing in preperation for the storm but didnt do any of it.

It also strikes me as annoying that New Orleans is the only city that gets vast amounts of coverage about this huricane but other states and cities arent even mentioned at all. Even places like Slidel that were literally destroyed and whiped off the map.

People need to wake the hell up and realize that yes the failures came from all forms of govt but the first responders to this and the ones that could have prevented so many being stranded in the city failed them miserably. Namely the City and State govts.


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